Patti Varol

Women of Letters is a packet of 18 clever, fun crossword puzzles created and edited by some of the top constructors in the business. We happen to be women.



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Laura Braunstein

Tracy Bennett

C.C. Burnikel

Amanda Chung

Debbie Ellerin

Gail Grabowski



Tracy Gray

Mary Lou Guizzo

Angela Olson Halsted

Pam Amick Klawitter

Sarah Keller

Lynn Lempel


Donna S. Levin

Ruth Bloomfield Margolin

Andrea Carla Michaels

Robin Stears

Robyn Weintraub



This project has been in the works since early 2017. At the 2017 ACPT, Deb Amlen, the writer of Wordplay, was inspired by a “Publish More Women” T-shirt proudly worn by the crossworder/activist/shameless punster Erik Agard. Deb contacted editors Amy Reynaldo and Patti Varol, and “Women of Letters” began.


If you are a regular solver of newspaper crosswords, you may have noticed that all of the editors are men. You may have also noticed that women’s names don’t appear as often as men’s names in the puzzle bylines. But the thing is, whether you noticed that or not, women have been here. We’ve been editing and proofreading, constructing and solving, and, well, we’ve been perfecting crosswords. We persist. It’s what we do.


But for real, you guys, we need to Publish More Women.